About ORE Agency

Launched in 2017 the Agence ORE (Distribution System Operators Agency) designs, builds and operates services to enable each and every electricity and gas DSOs to meet with their regulatory duties, from opendata publications to energy markets mechanisms (renewable energy production, self-consumption, electric and gas mobility, etc.).

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Agence ORE

Who are we?

We are a non-profit organization which brings together all the French electricity and gas DSOs. Its founding members are ADEeF, ANROC, ELE, Enedis, FNSICAE, GreenAlp, GEREDIS, GRDF, Régaz, Réseau GDS, SPEGNN, SRD, Strasbourg Electricité Réseaux, UNELEG and URM.


• Simplify the access to energy markets mechanisms for stakeholders such as energy generators, traders, suppliers, aggregators.

• Offer an easy access to energy data for local authorities, communities and businesses.

• Foster innovation and growth creation within the energy transition sector thanks to its opendata and data visualization services.

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